Donate and Support refugees and local population in Ukraine via self-employment and micro entrepreneurship projects.

As Ukraine successfully stands up to Russian military invasion for more than 20 days, Russia has turned to killing civilians and destruction of critical infrastructure in Ukrainian cities and villages.

Due to occupation of the part of South and South-Eastern Ukraine local agrarians were forced to evacuate to safer regions. Amid wartime Ukrainian population buys more alimentary goods (flour, sugar, grains, vegetables…), therefore the prices are rising. Now Ukraine faces shortage of some food products. At the same time small-scale agrarians have difficulties with planting season 2022. They, as well as village inhabitants and refugees have no funds for purchasing planting material and performing seeding.

In order to secure food safety of Ukraine we need the following:
✓ Funds to support refugees and local population via self-employment and micro entrepreneurship projects, especially in rural areas;
✓ Planting material, crop protection agents, fuel for small-scale farmers and households, as well as for territorial defense activists and refugees living in villages.

During the project implementation we plan:
✓ Spread information about the project and form groups of participants;
✓ Conduct express training (1 day) on business planning. Short form of business plan, 2-3 pages;
✓ Conduct selection of the best business plans;
✓ Purchase required equipment, planting material, crop protection agents, fuel for selected beneficiaries according to provided invoices.
✓ Conduct monitoring of financial support efficiency.

Project results:
✓ At the first stage we plan to support 100 business plans. Approximately 85 self-employment projects (no state registration) and 15 micro entrepreneurship projects (for officially registered entrepreneurs).

Budget per self-employment project – $235.
Budget per micro entrepreneurship project – $900.

The project is planned to start in Cherkasy Oblast for April 2022. At the next stage we plan to scale up the project to neighboring oblasts (provinces).
Our organization has vast experience in implementation of similar projects. In 2015–2021 we implemented the agricultural service cooperative support project, several self-employment support projects for internally displaced persons from Donetsk Oblast, Luhansk Oblast, and Crimea, as well as the Village: a Step to Success project.

List of beneficiaries of one of our projects:

We will be grateful for your financial support and spreading information about this project.

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